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 Name: Alex
girlieee =]]
Location: delray beach florida
Zodiac Sign:
Sexual Preference:
Single or Taken?:
enjoying the single life =]]
football for my school, playing the guitar, surfing

Bands/Musical Artists:

x taking back sunday
x brand new
x senses fail
x hawthorne heights
x underoath
x funeral for a friend
x britney spears
x tim mcgraw
x rascal flatts
x jessica simpson
x ashlee simpson
x jesse mccartney
x ryan cabrera

x the notebook
x cruel intentions
x beaches
x a cinderella story
x steel magnolias
x my best friends wedding
x how to lose a guy in 10 days
x mean girls x harry potter
x finding nemo
x what a girl wants
x bridget jones diary
x raise your voice
Things About Yourself (physical, emotional or other):

x i am 5'5
x i weigh 120 lbs
x i have hazel eyes
x i have dirty blonde/ light brown hair
x i surf
x i live 5 minutes away from the beach
x i dont trust easily
x i have 4 best friends
x i am a freshman
x i have a older brother and sister , they are twins and 18
x my parents are divorced
x i dont like my step mother
x im sore right now from football
Words to describe yourself:
x smart
x trustworthy
x caring
x happy
x fun
x optimistic
x friendly
x tired
x lazy
x hungry- 24/7
x bitchy
x obnoxious
x honest

[To Make You Think(please give reasons):]
x What is your favorite song? Please Explain Why!: i hate everything about you because i can blast it when im mad at someone and it makes me feel good
x If you could meet one famous person (dead or alive) who would it be and what would you tell them?:
brad pitt and id ask him to marry me
x If you were able to live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?:
in the playboy mansion, minus the part where you have to screw hugh hefner because thats gross, anyways i saw mtv cribs and they all had like monkeys and pretty rooms and stuff
x If you had 5 million dollars, what would you do with it?:
iddddd go shopping
x If you could be on any reality TV show, which one would it be and why?:
real world b/c it looks liek fun

[Would/Have You Ever...(explain too.):]
x Date a best friend?: nope but i would because whats better than dating someone who already knows everythign about you and youre already so comfortable with them
x Kiss a best friend?: only if he felt the same towards me
x Smoke? If so, why do you/why did you start?:
i have before, i hacked up a lung.. i dont like it much
x Drink? If so, why do you/why did you start?:
yeah cause its fun
x Do Drugs? If so, why do you/why did you start?:
x Get piercing other than ears?:
i got my belly button
x Get an abortion?:
uhh dont really know right now im pro choice though
x Have sex 'for fun'?: if i was commited to the person and i loved him
x Get a tattoo?:
x Lie to your best friend?:
nope friendships are based on trust
x Date a friend's ex?:
only if i had their permission

[What are your beliefs on.... ]
x Gay Marriages:
if two people love eachother than it shouldnt matter their sex
x Sex Before Marriage: if you love the person and youre ready than it shouldnt be a problem
x The War in Iraq:
the people in irag are true heroes... i think the whole war is stupid though
x Self-Mutilation:
i think anybody who has done this should get help, its a very serious situation that is affected many teens these days and if anybody would even think about hurting themselves physically to take away mental pain that they need to be helped
x Abortion:
i'm pro choice, i think that its a womens decision and that men shouldnt have a say because theyre not the ones who get pregnant right
x Labels:
labels dont make who people are, people make who they are
x Religion:
i'm catholic

[Also Important]
x Show us four pictures.

1 of you with a friend,

one without makeup

and 2 of how you look normally.

Promote this community to at least 2 people, and provide the links: one and two
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++++++ senses fail i love that band.

yes. you are really pretty and i liked your app.
i thought your app was a joke until i read further.